Sex and the City

Jeg fik lige fingre i en bog om yndlingsserien over dem alle – Sex and the City. Nu pryder den min bogreol. Og nogle af grundene til at den serie er mit et og alt og min bibel er disseher herlige ord hentet fra bogens glossary:

Absofuckinglutely: An expression that denotes certainty in a way deliverable only by mr. Big
Déjá-fuck: The strange sensation that you’re fucking someone you’ve already fucked
Fuckinstein: A woman who gets harrassed by her conservative apart-building neighbours for having too many late-night guests
Goldicocks: A woman who can’t find a guy with the right size penis
Grand gesture: The powerful declaration of a guy’s love that makes you reconsider your decision to break up with him
Low-hangers: Balls that hang so low that they get in the way
Secret-sex guy: The guy you have sex with on the side but are afraid to introduce to anyone you know
Walk of shame: The morning-after walk home from a hot date, when you’re still wearing the outfit that enabled you to spend the night

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